Do you want a simple and beautiful wedding website?

I offer you a simple and customised website for your wedding. There is no simplier way, how to shout your joy to the world. The wedding website is specific in gentle, but pretty design, which is customised for your needs.

What is the significance of a website?

With a wedding website you can notice to the world that happy news – You will get married! The structure of website is based on the event. Website is simple by appearance and by functionality. You are able to accept gratulations, wishes, money, or feedback from visitors about their presence on wedding party. Everything you wish.

Demo wedding website

For the image about wedding website, you can check out the site for Veronika & Lukas on this link:





Onepage website

Multipage website

Slideshow with names, datetime and place of wedding

Information and photos of fiancé

Timeline with "Our story"

Carousel with a few congratulations

Congratulatory form directly on the website

Lightbox gallery *

Countdown - time to wedding

Google map with a place of wedding (1 pin)

Give - Accepting financial gifts on the website **

Next static sections by your needs

Guests reservations system ***

BLog module


The prices for wedding websites are really friendly:

Variant A: 200 €

Variant B: 270 € + 30€ for each next static section

Variant C: 350€ + 30€ for each next static section

* Lightbox is a system for photogalleries. After you click the choosen image in grid, it will be opened in popup windows, everything else will darken and you can switch between images with arrows keyboard. Of course you can share the images directly to social networks.

** You can accept financial gifts directly on the website with WP Give plugin and paygate Stripe. Registration to Stripe is not included in the price. You can solve that issues by yourself, or ask me for a help. Please, consider, that Stripe take about 2% from each payment.

*** This is a difficult form, you can use to feedback your guests about your wedding party. They can simply report you for example number of persons, if they wish vegetarian menu, accomodation for a night etc. It si pretty much simplier like solving this by phone.