PALU cosmetics

Pleasure and gentle design for the e-shop with a nails accessories. Old design was replaced by new one, based on Elementor PRO as usual. I think this piece is awesome.


I have a new simple e-sop Based on Woocommerce, of course, with Elementor PRO. The part of the project was integration with paygate Stripe and import from XML data feed. The logo is the example of the “low-cost” logo for web, also from me. 🙂

Wooden houses & cottages

With a collaboration with Wame s.r.o. we have created this pretty presentatin for the client, which is focusing on coonstructioning of wooden houses, cottages and the others wooden objects.

Pure Slovakia

At last, the project I was really enjoyed. I am a big lover of nature, forests, trees, needles and moss. I was asked to finish unfinished website by Pure Slovakia community. When I analysed the current status, I have decided to create new website from scratch. Reportedly they have collaborated with two coders, however no […]

The Parish in Svit

I was feeling something like moral duty to create a website for my own Parish. The Parish has operated with Webnode (something like Wix, but much poorer), from now it is working with this high-quality web, opatimalised for tablets & phones. WordPress + Elementor PRO. I was trying for gentle and “nonviolent” design. Some content […]

Ave Prosperita

A little difficult web page with different types of content, custom post types and custom fields. Besides the blog posts, there is also event manager and custom posts for school and peer mediation.

Wedding website

A simple one-page website with a wedding theme. It is for my online friends. I wish good luck to their common life.


Long term project, started in September 2020 and finished now. Elementor with Hello Elementor. And WPML for multilingual content

Patisserie template

I was doing the simple edits on one Bratislava’s patisserie website and I had got a taste for a chocolate. So I have created this template with Elementor.