I am

Lukáš Bachleda

Freelace web developer


I don’t gain experiences from you, I offer you my experiences


I will create fast, high-quality and graphical unique website, which will meet your expectations, brings you new customers, new opportunities and profits. I am using the most-common CMS - WordPress


I have created more than 40 e-shops. Unique graphic, imports&exports of products, orders, customers, in short - everything, what good e-shop needs. Try to get much more customers.


Do you have a virus on your site? Is your site too slow? Do you need to install SSL certificate, or migrate the whole web to another hosting service? Something went wrong and you don't know how to fix it?
No problem for me.

About me

While another children played GTA and Need for speed, I have learnt to code websites

I have started in 2006. I was visiting the local leisure-time centre for a chess. One student of IT university needs to make a practise part of his study. So he created the “HTML freetime lessons”.

The lessons took only 6 weeks, but I have learnt the basics of HTML. That was a perfect “stone” for my next direction. I enjoy creating websites. That was instead of PC games for me.

In 2013 I had got my first oficial job as a PHP junior developer. From this time, I work and create websites for you and your needs.

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Why choose me?

Creating the website is several process, which are connected together. I don’t do only web developing. I will analyse your sources, fix gramatical mistakes, I don’t afraid of thinking up the missing texts (coppywritting). I am able to create a logo for a web. I will search and edit images. I have Freepik premium account and I’m not afraid to use it. I will migrate your website to domain. In short – I can everything solve for you.

I have started in 2006. I have created more than 100 serious websites, before WordPress became the leader in world. That was beautiful times, full of Notepad and Internet Explorer. I have worked in different companies, also with great, few-million projects (for example: Web portal of Australian Football)

It’s true, that novadays anyone can click out his webpage, however we can be easily confronted with a situation, when builders are not enough and the programmer must rush the scene. He will implemented required changes directly in a code.
I am so programmer.

I am trying to add a “soul” to each website from my keyboard. I mean something unique. I have created more than 350 projects during my life, so I have “in eye” things like this. I know, how to strategically deploy elements on site, so users can easily work with your site.

I know many people, which work is worse than mine, however they want much more money. I offer you to pay with installment way. I can divide the final amount to 10 payment for 10 months, so you don’t need to afraid about money


I am really sorry, but blog is available only in Slovak language mutation…

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